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Now Booking Exclusive, Private Charters. Call Sales Concierge (808) 345-2547 for Details.
Limited Availability! Group sizes up to 24 people. Nightly Manta Ray AND/OR Daily Snorkeling + Fishing Trips

Dolphin Guidelines

Manta Adventures practices and promotes the NOAA SMART program for Dolphin Adventures.

Dolphin SMART is a partnership program developed by NOAA’s Office of National Marine Sanctuaries and National Marine Fisheries Service, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, and the Dolphin Ecology Project.

To promote responsible stewardship of wild dolphins in coastal waterways.

Dolphin SMART Program Purpose:

  • Minimize the potential of wild dolphin harassment caused by commercial viewing activities.
  • Reduce expectations of close interaction with wild dolphins in a manner that may cause harassment.
  • Eliminate advertising that creates expectations of engaging in activities that may cause harassment.
  • Promote stewardship of local coastal waterways.

Hawaii Dolphin Brochure 

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Brochure 

Dolphin Behaviors 

Dolphin Smart Coloring Sheet 


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