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Limited Availability! Group sizes up to 24 people. Nightly Manta Ray AND/OR Daily Snorkeling + Fishing Trips


Marine Life Conservation

When snorkeling along the Kona coast, please do NOT stand on or touch the coral.  You will harm this delicate animal and ultimately the entire ecosystem.  Please do not feed the fish. Please look, but do not harass (touch, pet, grab, or chase) the Green Sea Turtles.  They are a protected species, and a stiff penalty can result from harassment.  MAHALO.

SUNSCREEN:  Please use a waterproof, environmentally friendly sunscreen and apply it prior to arriving to increase its effectiveness and to reduce the amount of unabsorbed sunscreen ending up in OUR ocean. This unabsorbed sunscreen ultimately does harm to the oceans ecosystem and most importantly the marine coral LIFE.  

Here is a list of the available eco-friendly sunscreens.

Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

The Surfrider Foundation staff of nearly 50 people help support our chapter network in their campaigns, champion for policy and fight legal battles for our coasts, bring awareness to the issues facing our ocean, provide critical support on stuff like accounting, technology, and HR, and raise money to make all of this happen. We have an appetite for adventure and we all share a common passion – we love and appreciate our ocean, waves and beaches.

Manta Adventures and its crew are proud members of the Surfrider Foundation

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