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Newest Boat In the Kona Fleet

It took two years to design and build our brand new boat the Maheli Heli. Six months to design and select a boat builder, Fourteen months to build and two months outfit her with the latest in underwater lighting technology, electronics and instrumentation.

| Reviewed by Greg K

“First boat out and got prime real estate at the viewing site. Boat has the brightest lights out there and brings in the most mantas. Don’t worry about lights on the float you hang on to, the lights under the boat are what brings them in. Be last off and stay close to the boat.”


There is plenty of space and plenty of seating aboard the Maheli Heli. In addition, while underway on your tour you’ll also find comfort with not having excessive engine sound and the gross smell of exhaust because the engines are super efficient eco diesel and we’ve suppressed the exhaust sound to a quiet hum. These details matter and we considered them all.

| by Michaela S

“Amazing experience, super friendly crew and the mantas were so cool! I definitely recommend this experience!”

| by Mike S

Had a great time. Beautiful boat. Great crew. Had fresh sashimi and fresh pineapple as a snack. If you plan on watching the rays, this is your trip


We realize your on vacation and your on an adventure of a lifetime. We want you to remember this experience with your family and friends forever. For this reason we use the best equipment and technology to give you a great show. We also arrive early at the grounds to get the best spot. Note: this is also one of the reasons we ask you to be on-time. Mahalo

| by Alyssa P

“Manta adventures is hands down the best company out there! The crew is very knowledgeable about the manta rays. You get a face to face experience with the rays as well as a fun snorkel experience. The boat is brand new, lots of room to be comfortable. I would highly recommend booking any ocean activity while in Kona with Manta Adventures!”


We are conveniently located in the south east corner of Honokohau Harbor and there is plenty of free parking within 15 feet of the boat.

Reviewed by Leigh B

“Brand new boat. Holds about 30 people but they only take about 15 so it is very comfortable and intimate. We had 12 people ranging from 7yrs old to 50yrs old. It is Captain Bill’s boat but Gabe runs the show. Cuts you up pineapple when you arrive to the cove, gets you fitted to all of your gear and even has fresh baked cookies for the ride back. When you get back on the boat they have a water heater so you can take a hot shower. Would definitely recommend!”

Manta Adventures