Manta Night Snorkel

In Kona our visitors have the rare treat to experience the Manta Night Snorkel. The occurrence of an accumulation of plankton off the shoreline makes for an incredible Night Manta Snorkel show that you get to be a part of. Like all of our tours we treat the Manta Night Snorkel with respect in not disturing thease gentle giants in their habitat. Its a privilege for us to take you on this trip and we take it for granted. The experience of seeing these massive gentle creatures in the wild is exhilerating. The Manta Night Snorkel is an experience you have to see for yourself. The Kona mantas in many instances are 16 feet from wing to wing and they glide through the water like birds feeding on tiny plankton. Given our boat was specifically designed for this tour the Kona Night Snorkel is fantastic for all guests whether your in the water or simply observing

The Best Captains to assist you with your Manta Night Snorkel

While our boat is brand new Captain Bill and Captain Dan have been on the seas around Kona for two decades bringing guests on manta night snorkels, dolphin snorkels or whale watching your going to get a great trip. We strive to offer the most safe, educational and deeply rich experience. We understand your precious vacation dollars deserve to be spent on the very best.

We have many fine amenities for you on your Manta Night Snorkel including fresh warm water to rinse off, eco friendly engines with minimal exhaust which keeps our guests from getting seasick. A cabin to keep items safe and dry, and a Head with sink. The Maheli Heli rids smooth and has an easy entry and exit from the water – no transom to crawl over. Heavy duty ladder with 4 steps below the surface of the water for ease to get on the boat from the water. These are all welcoming amenities if you decide to get in the water for with us again for a dolphin snorkel or if you want to stay dry on a while watching trip