Kokua (Tips) Manta

Manta Adventures Kona, HI BOOK TOUR


MASK FIT:  Place mask on face where it feels comfortable. Make sure all hair is out of mask. Breathe in through your nose and see if you can create suction. Good suction means good fit.

STRAP:  Place mask on your face where it feels comfortable and then pull strap over head. Keep strap high on the back of your head and above your ears. Make sure it is snug, but not too tight.

DEFOG:  Squirt a couple of drops of defog solution on the inside of a dry mask and rub around. Rinse off in salt water, not fresh water.  Place the mask on your face after rinsing.

MASK CLEARING:  Apply pressure to top of mask, blow out your nose, and look up. With a purge mask, press on sides of mask, blow out your nose and look down.

SNORKEL FIT:  Bite down gently on bite tabs and place lips over mouthpiece. The seal to keep water out is created by your lips. If you smile you will break the seal and water will come in.

SNORKEL CLEARING:  It’s easy to get the water out of the snorkel. Say the word “two” with force and blast the water out the purge thru your mouth and nose.

BREATHING WITH A SNORKEL:  Breath deep, slow relaxed breaths. Look out in a 45-degree angle side to side . Keep snorkel out of water.

FINS FIT:  Place foot in foot pocket (there is no right or left). Stand up and lift heal up and down. If the heal stays snug the fin fits.  Please do not walk around with your fins on.

KICKING:  Use big slow kicks. Move your legs from your hips and bend knees only slightly. Keep fins underwater, not above water. Avoid bicycle kicking (big knees) or flutter kicking (movement at ankle).  Keep arms to side and loose.


SEASICKNESS MEDICATION:  Kona is on the lee side of the Big Island and in being so we usually encounter calm moderate seas with variable winds. If you are prone to sea sickness we recommend considering a sea sickness medication before your adventure. Always consult with your physician as needed. We have had great success with and recommend a natural remedy of ginger, please see Sailor Secrets for more information on Sailors Secret and its benefits.

BOAT SAFTEY EQUIPMENT AND AMENITIES:  Maheli-Heli is a USCG Certificate of Inspection (COI) certified vessel. She is equipped with state of the art marine safety equipment. This includes an automated fire suppression system, 2 VHF radios – class D with automated DCS, multiple cell phones, an E-PIRB, an AED, a SOLAS first aid kit, 42 life vests, fire extinguishers and life saving flotation devices. All captains are licensed by United States Coast Guard and are certified in First Aid and are subject to all USCG regulations and training. We provide fresh water rinse for your equipment, fresh water shower to rinse, 2 dive ladders, a head (marine toilet), comfortable seating, safety railings and a non-skid deck surface.